04 stock blaster

well i think maybe around 600 or more depends on the brand of the parts. if you want cheap i would say buy some reeds and a pipe.
IMHO suspension is the best upgrade for a quad. Power is no good if it cant stay on the ground. So to answer your question. The more money you throw at it the faster it will go.
he meant trail racer so i assumed he wanted power, yes he should get shocks if he has the money.
300 or so. Get a whole front end kit at once and its a bit cheaper. Or you could go with an +3+1 a-arm kit then get banshee shocks if your short on cash.
well all the people i ride with now have pretty fast quads.like a predator outlaw and trx 250 i wanna be able to keep up with them i also like muddin alot and goin through puddles.i got freinds that can pull me out if i get stuck but i dont want to f*ck up the engine either and thats about it.any suggestions?
Well if you want me to be honest pretty much nothing you do to a blaster will make it able to keep up with one of those quads with equal mods and riders. If you want to try it will take some cash or A LOT of practice. You can start with a pipe and reeds. Remove the TORS and e-brake as well. Its preventative maintenance. After that suspension is very helpful. Since you have an 04 you have the upgraded brakes which is a HUGE help.
yeah every one i ride with has stock machines and the one on the predator aint a very good driver but i shouldnt be talkin i dont think im a very good driver either. thanks for the help man
Throw a pipe and reeds at it. See how that helps out. Dont get me wrong blasters are great quads but I wouldnt reccomend dumping a TON of money into them because you could sell it and upgrade.