01 Blaster starts but no power, then stalls


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Jul 20, 2007
Bailey, CO

My son has an 01 Blaster that is stock as far as I can tell. Two weeks ago he was riding and took in some water. I ended up pulling the plug flipping it over and draining the engine. Also drained the float bowl. It fired up and he road the rest of the day.

Went riding the next week and he rode for a while and started having problems. The bike stalled, he said it ran out of gas, added gas and he was able to restart it but it has no power. It idles for a few minutes then dies.
If you try and give it throttle it just bogs down and stalls.

It has spark, the plug is wet, no funny noises in the top end when it runs.
I'm thinking about cleaning the carb any other suggestions? It has a TORS unit on it and it seems sort of loose. Can I just yank the TORS unit and create the electrical connection to bypass it?

Thanks in advance
Disconnect the tors. Just unplug the wire from the carb, the brain under the front plastic and the wire going to your throttle.

Sounds to me like you might need a compression test. Clean the carb again for just to make sure.
if your quad was swamped then its best to change the crank case oil, just to be safe, if it komes out rather milky, then you need to change it 3 times total to get alll the water out, and i would get that oil injection block off kit on ASAP, and mix 40: or 50: depending on preference