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Mar 26, 2007
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Just needed some advice on what to do in this situation. I was reccomended this website to order ball joints for my ranger.

I placed the order online and the site was a little difficult to use at first so I messed up my order. I didnt find out until a couple of days later on an invoice that was emailed to me. So i called them and they said the order was already sent out just to reject it when it got here. So i did just that and meanwhile placed the order that I needed. This all happened the 2nd week in febuary. I was told 4-6 weeks for my refund.

Well its been about 3 months. I have tried contacted them multipule times and all i get is "its being processed itll be 2-3 business days". Ive been getting that from people for about 3 weeks now. I called and they said that there refund department is behind (im thinking to myself "no sh*t"). Im just wondering what I should do at this point? I was thinking of contacting the better business bureau. They would contact the company and try and get my refund and if that didnt work they would fine them (I think thats how it works).

I have tried all means of contact emails, direct chat, phone calls. Im just lost at what to do.
I hate those websites. They're generic crap that are listed number one on Google. Almost anything you search, auto part related, you'll see them at the top. It's BS.

Did you refer to invoice numbers while calling?
Make sure you have both invoice numbers, first order and second.
Try one more time.

They aren't part of BBB, are they?
Usually you'd see the BBB Online logo in the footer.
When all else fails, go all out on them via phone. Say you're going to post bad things about their business on forums and run Google ad campaigns against them, turn them in, etc. Hahaha! That usually gets me in a better position.

Also ask for their manager and all that crap first.
Just be sure you have order numbers and invoices ready.

If you get your refund, sh*t on them anyways.
Good luck...
I give them my invoice number everytime I call or talk to someone about it online. They take about 2 minutes to look it up and then give me the line of BS that htey have been giving me.
i hate it when that happens i ordered a packing kit from fmf two months ago it did not come i called them emailed them they never answered so i just went f it! and put new steel wool in my pipe. i will never order a packing kit instead i will use steel wool its cheaper anyway! has anybody else had a problem with fmf? i filled the form correctly.

ohh for your question tell them you want your refund or they can give you what you ordered and ask them how many days it will take if they say the same crap and it does not come ask for the manager like lbwd said.
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call your credit card company and request a refund and let them deal with it.
call your credit card company and request a refund and let them deal with it.

That would be more of a headache than dealing with the autoparts place. I have to sit on hold for an hour to talk to someone that barely speaks english. I suppose I could use it as a last resort.
If you used a visa or mastercard contact them and most of the time the will refund the money and they will then go after the return from the merchant. As far as the better buiness bureau gos all will will do is log a complaint and have them respond, then forward the results to you. I dealt with the BBB and was a waste of time. I had a susuki eiger, after 50 miles the rear end locked up tighter than sh*t. I took it to a local dealer and was told that the was never any gear oil in the rear end. They contact susuki to have it fixed under good faith and susuki said it was the dealers responsible. So I returned it to the dealer I got it from and they didnt want to hear nothing about it. A good friend of mine is in close with a dealer and he fixed for me at a discout price, but I"m still fighting the original dealer for reimbursement. Sorry I'm so long winded today. LOL
Contacted a supervisor yesterday. He said he would email me today with the reason why my refund was so delayed. He didnt, im gunna call and biotch someone out tomorrow.
That says it right there: "Don't use 'www.autopartswarehouse.com' - it's bad news." Our rating for 'www.autopartswarehouse.com' is one star for poor quality of service and support.

If you want to make an impact, find out where you can leave bad feedback for them. I can't think of any place off the top of my head, maybe some online rating website.