WTB audio


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May 11, 2007
I'm looking to buy some subs for my car an truck, nothin sh*tty an cheap i want a good brand not blown. also looking for a good amp an speaker box. if you have a custom box for a 90 camaro let me know i will buy it. speaker size i want is 12 inch.

Let me know what you have an a price.
i have a set of 10" subs made by Dual in a quad ported bandpass box and they sound SOOOO much better than 2 open 12's, and i also have 2 MA Audio 12's in a quad ported audiobahn bandpass box but they are not that great, let me know which ones you want more info on
there at my g/f's right now i'll get some pics of them tomorrow for ya, their 10" woofers with the ply suspension and they are pre-bridged 2-wire hook up rated for up to 1500watts as a pair, the most ive heard to them is 1000 and trust the fact that they sound good, a bandpass box is a different than a regular box, you get more hummm and less thump, but youll get the occasional thump, but not konstant ya know
try to get jl audio though my cousin had some for almost 14 years and they still work 1 blown recently but they are still get woofers
the 12s with no box i guess kan roll for 50 shipped? their rated 500 a piece so 1000watts for the pair, one has random fiberglass resin on the center due to a spill and the other has a silicone repair but they still work good and dont vibrate at all
Lmfao @ "here we go" sh*t i mean come on dude how you gonna do 65 on a stock blaster with a +2 sprocket on the rear for more bottom end. Hahaha that dudes clearly out of his mind or else that SE gives him 10 more MPH