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May 15, 2007
i didnt know were exactly to put this so i decided to start my own
put your crazy wreck section here.

i'll start things off

four eyars ago this october i had my dads blaster for the weekend while he was out of town with his fiance at the time. well after an incrediable weekend of riding sunday comes along i wake up and get ready as i've done teh past two days but this day had the ultimate suprise in store for me frist thing i do is get next to the train tracks and launch up and down them for about 3 hours waiting for my cousin to get into town well after a few runs on the tracks i go up to the atv and mx hill above the trailer court shread there for a bit then get the witty idea i'ma rip up decker hollow road to see my buddy david......

well i come down off the hill and launch onto the road full speed and as i come around decker hollow road i lose control adn over steer and am facing the river so to save it i turn bar dericition and pucnh it. i do a complete one eighty maintaining my 5 gear speed straight into the back third of a mini van. i was luanched off of my fourwheeler into the back window and back out the same side i entered. my first words as i rolled over on the ground was "frank can i have a cigerrette" then i continued to strip down to my underwear so the ambulane wouldnt cut my good gear off and then yelled at old ladys who were being assholes while i watied for the ambulance. the finally tally for injury was a cuncussion a split knee cap about 20 facial stiches a good pair of shoes ruined and a broken fram on the blaster o and i got this cool cut behind my chin that i could stick my finger through and feel my tounge but its healed now. however my M2R helmet didnt even scratch i'd recomend M2R to anyone after this wreck
I can honestly say i've never wrecked a atv i have a 3 wheeler though i've got many scars from a 3 wheeler
the way i look at it if u've never wrecked yoru quad u really have no idea what your limits are for example with my story i now know never to take a turn in fifth gear
i have had no wrecks my dad has had a few wrecks a few weeks ago we found some track and there was a crowded hill with trees all over it so dad tried to make it so u could ride up this hill, he went up it alright the first go,then the 2nd attemp he pinned it going up hit a bump b4 he went up this hill wheelstanded on top then the bike came back on his and went down the hill twice,he was in pain i checked the bike out the steering stem was bent and the wheel alignment was outta whack so we went home then dad finally took his boots of and there was a massive gash in his leg 8hrs later waiting in the hospital and 20 stitches later he was fine.....
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Haha, sweet ass blaster you got there, what's your mods? an do you have aim or yahoo messenger? i pretty much know my limits been riding for a long time
to be honest i bought it like that but most of the mods are your basic race mods its getting comlpetly redone this winter
o and my aim name is Dontblinktony if you wanna chat sometime i'm almsot always on
I also have a wreck story. See, I was just a wee little duner. There was a jump right? Well one end was steep and the other was fairly flat, almost the perfect jump. We were jumping on the steep end, and somehow i got the bright idea to go over the steep end coming from the flat end. I was going waay to fast, and i've never been more than an inch off the ground. Well, I then proceded to go "end-over-end" or, in other words, i flew over the front of the handle bars. The blaster was alright, but i had some pretty bad cuts from the paddle tires. I can honestly say, i'd never think to turn in 5th gear and mine is almost stock (just a pipe). And i wrecked in a field too. Hit a groundhog-hole going wound out (55mph) it dragged me for about half a mile and then i said "screw this" and let go. But yeah, those are some pretty sick blasters.
i totaled my 250ex when running from a cop,i tried to jump really high but i ended up breaking the tie rods in 6th gear and flipping down a hill until finnaly i hit my whole body on a tree and got knocked out. when i woke up i had a broken neck,and a broken arm, and i had to have surgery on my left knee. i learned never never haul ass onto a trail u've never been on before.

my ol 01 blaster is another story i don't remeber much but i remeber trying to do a powerslide on wet black top but i just flew aside and hit my moms car, my ma's door was stuck and 2 windows were shattered, but my blaster had a bent axle, cracked frame, and the engine just blew apart. i had stiches in the side of my back and soem other things, you can't see my wounds anymore its amazing how fast things recover. i learned do not power slide especially when there are cars around.
to be honest i bought it like that but most of the mods are your basic race mods its getting comlpetly redone this winter
o and my aim name is Dontblinktony if you wanna chat sometime i'm almsot always on

Just to help him out, his mods go like this

ITP MX-R 19-6-10 Front tires
Banshee ALuminum front rims
Cheng Shin C-828 18-9.5-8 rear tires
ITP G-P Polished rear rims
Fly Dirtbike bars (CR low)
Scott grips
Maier Handguards
DG Alloy Fat nerfs
.050 over piston (soon to be .080)
Yamaha 175 carb (off of what i have no idea)
K&N Filter w/ outerwears
Oil injection block off kit
Trenga Racing silencer/pipe

I know all of this because his quad is in my garage!
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Mine would have to be when I was at the paintball field I used to play/work at. It was an indoor field with a huge parking lot. It had construction equipment at the end of the parking lot.

I was just doing wheelies and working on shifting while I had the front tires up. I had just got the quad a few weeks prior and it was really only me 2nd-3rd time riding. I was in 4th gear and that lightswitch powerband had hit a little sooner than I had expected. To make a long story short bent grab bar and scratched plastic for the shee. For me it was a cut on my chin from the helmet strap and a skinned knee. The fun part of the story is that the shee kept rolling at a high rate of speed on the 2 wheels and grab bar towards a diesel tank! Man im glad it slowed down enough to not puncture it.... The heat from the exhaust/motor would have sparked it for sure.
I was ridin' my old 160 quadrunner with two Yamaha bikes that I didn't have chance against. One turned around and i didn't notice till about a half a mile later.So i turn around and go barrellin back down the trail. I came around the last corner of the trail and there she was. Theres no stopping that fast at 50 mph so I wipped it sideways and tried to get around her. the other rider ended up with an arm that was broken in four places but not a scratch on her bike. All I had was a little scrape on my stomach but the whole right side of my fourwheeler was smashed.
I wrecked yesterday. rolled my ds 250 down a hillclimb about 20 yards. I smashed my knee. I had my hot girlfrien on with me and she was sittin in the front. she had her foot on the back brake so not thinking i grabbed the front brake. she's got cuts all down her chest and a ruined pair of white capris.
i wrecked 2 weeks ago coming around a corner inn 3rd gear pinned, i had my spacers off for xc racing and it was stock width, i would have been fine if i was wider, but the quad went over, bent my clutch lever, but i was fine, went on to win the race by 10 seconds, the other guy broke his seat on the last lap
I luckily wasn't injured in my most recent accident, but anyways...a friend of mine and I were checking out some new trails. Very narrow and very tall, pointy hills throughout it. He's more experienced than myself and was taking the lead. We came around a corner and I figured I could take the lead for a little bit. So I roll past him and about 20 yards ahead, there was another tall, pointy hill. So I goose the gas and roll up it pretty quick, just to get to the top and see that water was about 20 feet out on the other side. Not just a puddle, I'm talking about a small lake. So I instinctively grab the front brake and my weight is still on the front of the quad. Naturally, the ass end comes up and I'm balancing on the front tires. I was losing the fight against balance and gravity so I dove over the front to try and save myself. Knowing that the quad would be following me shortly, I landed and rolled over to look. Sure enough...it was on its way over and headed for me. I scrambled back and brought my legs up. When it came down, I pushed it away with my legs and it rolled end over end once then rolled and stopped with the front tires submerged in the small lake. Thankfully there was a tree at the water line that stopped it from rolling any further. I wasn't scratched...but I did roll into a big ass ant hill. My buddy was laughing while I did a 2 minute rhythmless dance to get the ants off.

Back in highschool, a friend of mine has an uncle who let us take his utility quad out and tear some sh*t up. There was a huge hill, probably 20 feet high, that my buddy would ride up at high speed, then let off the throttle and coast over the top and back down the other side. I never noticed that he let off the gas towards the top...

So he told me to give it a shot. I figured, "sure, looks easy enough." Luckily I had a helmet on. I rode to the end of the field and came tearing ass up to this hill, still giving it gas, I rode up...never let off the gas...and ramped off the top. !!!!!!...I remember looking over at him on the ground and seeing dirt fly off the tires in slow motion and the look of amazement on his face. As soon as I landed, I tried to turn...another bad idea. I was sling-shotted off and flew about 15 yards before landing on my side and skidding to a stop on my head. Some bruises and scraps was all that I took away from it...and a new respect for helmets.
i was riding my china quad before i got my blaster with my son in front of me, my son was like dad go faster, well not thinking i did and was in 3rd in a full slid and hit a divit in the ground well we both we slung off and the bike rolled sideways on me and all he said was dad what did you do that for. the little sh*t now has his own wreck stories to tell since he has his own. i have rolled mine three times with my oldest son on it with me and he still loves to ride. i acually think he loves to reck because a couple time that he has wreck on his own quad he was laughing when he got up. idk though maybe he is like me and has no brain when it comes to safty