wont start04



i been super wrapped up in paintball and now had a weeken free to ride try to start my quad and no go!

fresh gas bone stock. i tore down my carb and still wont iddle or start on its own. if i spray a tap of carb cleaner the motor will fire the die even if i give it gas.

i might just take it into a shop and have it inspected lubes and tuned anyone know what that cost? estimate.

i miss blaster headquaters

I don't know what the hourly rate is there, but it's $65 here.
Maybe someone else will be able to help you out with this.
yeah im going to call tomorrow. any ideas on what i should check into.
check the spark plug,make sure that cap on top of the carbureator is on tight, check the coil by having the headlight on and give it a kick if it flashes its still good. just a suggestion

my mechanic charges me 35 and hour, he loves to get his hands dirty, plus i'm friends with his son.
last time i 2 stroke wouldnt start for my friend, it didnt have enough compression, but it would run with ether or something sprayed in the cylinder, but the round about price for a shop is about 50 give or take, here its 55 for everyone else, and 40 for me since i always have me parts
Did you drain the old gas before adding new gas?
Cleaned the carb good enough?
Tested the coil?
TORS removed?
Ebrake removed?
Eletrical tight?

If you live around here I would be happy to help. Where od you live?
i charge 20 dollars an hour an i work on dirtbikes an quads 4 an 2 stroke an have a 10 dollar minimum charge not matter if it's only 5 minutes

Anyways clean your carb again remove both jets an blow the carb out, put in a new spark plug, if you mixed the old gas with new gas drain it an start with all new gas, if it still doesn't start check your reeds, if they are not cracked or broken anywhere then take it down an have a compression test done, it sounds like your not gettin any gas or your plug is sh*t, so do as said before paying the high dollar shop fee's
Compression? yes
Spark? yeah br8es 2 new ones still same
Did you drain the old gas before adding new gas? yes
Cleaned the carb good enough? yes
Tested the coil? light comes on
TORS removed? still on the bike
Ebrake removed? still on works fine not affecting it
Eletrical tight? yep

reeds look fine
nothing in exghaust pipe

What does the compression read? how many psi? remove the spark plug an put the cap on it, lay it next to your cylinder an kick it over are you gettin yellow spark? blue spark?
i dont have a compression tester ill check the spark color tomorrow.
and how would you go about upping the compression

whats a job like that range from
full topend rebulid kit gasket the works would do it
how can i get ahold of a tester

by the way thanks for the help!!
also when i spray the carb cleaner then it fires when i try keeping it alive it bogs gown slowly till it dies does that help in any way
anyone have ther service manual on cd they like to send me? is the ones on ebay worth it?
update so today i started trying to start it again i notice the ligh flashes when i kick it. so i tryed kicking it with the plug out to see if i get spark and no spark is seen. is the coil bad or can i just replace the cap?
any one have pix on how it unplugs from the coil.
hmm, i don't know about that one........... well if the light flashes kinda bright it means its good, if it flashes darkly and fades real quick it might mean that the coil is bad, just make sure the coil is on tight not loosely.
whens the last time its had a rebuild?
ok problems all solved fixed it my self with all the help from you guys!!!
the ground wire was a little loose tighten that up and still so i break down the carb ad see wheres it not flowing i open the carb and bowl to find to gas in there???

i check the petcock it flows find so i take a over fill hose and attach it to the fuel barb let the float be loose and no fluid flows to the bowl!!!
its not getting gas so i take out the needle valve set and find the oring it torn and desolved! and the rubber valve stop inside is no good also.

i rip that out change the oring reinstall one kick no added flids brang brang brang!!!! so i need a new valve set but the bike runs fine it just keeps filling the bowl cuz the valve is no good 50 BUX FOR THAT LITTLE THING BETTER THEN 80 bux just to find the problem!!!


ALLSO A BIG THANKS TO ETHINAL for eating away at my orings and rubber bushing!!