won't run right



i have a 2006 blaster that is still under warranty. Last month i went out on some trails and started having problems with the throttle response. It happened in fifth gear and it just bogged out and would respond as i down shifted. i played aroung with the throttle a little bit to see if the prob. would go away but it didn't. i was towed off the trail by my brothers blaster.

I took it home cleaned the carb, changed the spark plug, and put a new air cleaner on it. It ran fine at first but when i whent ridding again it started doing the same thing about two hours into riding. Soo I brought it to the dealer i bought it from (because its under warranty), but they can't seem to figure out what the problem is because apparantly the bike isn't showing these symptoms anymore... They claim to have ckecked the carb and something in the throttle switch (forgot what they said) but don't see anything wrong.. They've had the bike for two weeks now so i am getting impatient with their process.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks.
well considering you have already changed the plug, cleaned the carb and changed the filter. I would definatly agree with b14573r. There is a thread in the diy section for removing it, and there is also kits that you can buy.