Wont Run Correctly



Well i was riding some trails and all of a sudden my motor would high rev and then shut off..then i would try to start it and it took a few mins of kicking then it would fire up and run for about 5 mins then it would high rev and shut off again. finally after the 4th time it wouldn't start anymore so i got pulled back to my campsite and took the carb and spark plug out and cleaned both and then replaced the spark plug with a new one and it wouldn't start still..well i took off the seat and noticed my filter soaked in gas i took it off and it still wouldn't start so then i unhooked the intake completely and it would start with carb cleaner and idle on its own but when you hit the gas it would sputter for 15 seconds then rev up..what is the problem here?
could this be the problem?

Yep this very well could be the problem.

Put all of your intake back on and carb and all. turn the gas on and see if any gas is flowing out of any of the carbs tubes, if so then the float is sticking.
what kind of reeds are those..and i am asuming it just broke off while riding?
Those are not stock reeds..they look like boyesen power reeds..

How long have they been on the bike for?
WOW Looks like you were trying to eliminate the reeds. What kind of mod is that LOL. I would say they look like boysen reeds.
I just put in new Boyesen reeds last week. I'd say thats what they are. Not too expensive to replace...