where can i find LRD packing kits


Mar 26, 2007
i checked the lrd site and found no packing kits, should i just get FMF packing or is there a lrd kit somwhere
i still have it but when i put the masking tape on the steel wool i forgot to re wrap to make sure it does not come off, so some strings got caught in the core , and it is kinda expensive for a roll of steel wool, and i'm kinda broke right now (not a lot of money) so i just wanna see how lrd packing works
wow they are cheaper on fmfracing.com, oh we have to repack these things becasue packing helps the core instead of the easy way not sure.
Really? I checked FMF's site and couldn't find it. What's the link (URL)?
Where do you stuff this stuff in at, anyway?
That looks like some good repacking stuff. I may get that next time. Let us know how it works, ok?