When does the 08 yamaha line up come out?



AS the title says...needing to go trade off my blaster LOL
I am neeing to know when they come out so i can go off my unit !!!
i went and looked at one, its alright 4 stroke, i can't wait to beat someone who has a raptor 250 with my blaster
Yeah I can see alot of faggot kids riding raptor250s and thinking that they have the fastest quad ever so we will just have to show them the true meaning of the word 2-stroke.
i got into a fight with this fag hes only a year younger than me he was dising my blaster by saying all kinds of crap. so i was like how bout u shut the f up!
we made a bet that whoever loses has to go to a house ring a door bell holding dog turd in his hand and saay u wan't a brownie? as he would take a bite

if i lose i would have to do what i just wrote above

..................................................... and i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that raptor 250 got owned totally!!!!! i should've recordeded when he took his punishment i laughed my as of when he was at that door asking if he wanted a brownie and then took a bite, that home owner screamed and closed her door. it was soo funny!