Wheelie Pics Thread!


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
Post your wheelie pictures here!
Im on the left on my shee. My cousin is on the right with his blaster.

Here's a little wheelie. That's me coming out of a hairpin corner on one of my tracks. Not the biggest wheelie, but there's only one tire on the ground, that's an extra bonus point, right? :D
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Here's a couple of my cousin. This was right after he got his quad so he was still learning.

Here's a good one


almost got ran over by this one

falling off (check out the blurred hand coming away from the bars)

And laying on his back wondering what went wrong
I like my wheelies... start around 35mph in second gear, roll on the throttle slightly, then stand up... bounce down on the PEGS (not bars, lotsa people make this mistake) and open up the throttle... Then let the bike come up to your chest and lean back slightly. Get into the balance point and cruise between 40-50mph.

But hey, thats on a zx6r
thats cheap your going up a hill. by grabing it by the balls i meant do not be afraid to lean alot to keep balance not smashing the throttle lol! when i get the pipe fixed i will post what a 14 yr old like me can do.
Cool -- I like the area you're riding in.
Welcome. It's good to have you here from Newcastle, Australia :)
i got some jumping pics in the other post i made in pics (3 weekends of riding pics).....cheers
I might get pics of me wheelieing my kingquad. im only 12 and the thing weighs like 500-600 pounds so its hard.
Here's one of me on the verge of vertical (I did eventually stand it straight up on this one)

And one of my buddy riding it...
i just like going in 6th gear and pulling it up haha i have to stand and that but its all good ill show some pics soon haha