whats faster (be honest)


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Jul 5, 2007
wat do u think is faster a stock blaster or a stock raptor 250, i have a cd in the mail about a raptor 250 i just think it looks better than the blaster but i dont think its really faster

has any one raced one
i raced a 250 with my blaster even though it wasen't a fair race will all of my mods and parts. i smoked him from the start.

if it was a stock blaster the raptor 250 will get owned
but why would yamaha try to make somthin to take the blaster place when it is slower than the blaster
Damn hippies. I work with one, shes always complaining about how I'm not "enviermently friendly" The good thing is she always has some pot and pipe with her, lol.
well..no matter how much you HATE to hear it... stock blaster vs. Raptor250 .... raptor is faster in a drag... dont kill me for it..it is a PROVEN fact proven at yamaha....tested many times... but that is STOCK FOR BOTH once they have descent mods the blaster usually beats... (its not usually a bad loss to begin with stock...) but yeah..its unfortunate ... :(
the blaster would go crazy on the gay raptor 250. i only like it cause of sound hahah
in a drag yea it will probably win, but in trails and mx blaster woudl rape because of the accelleration
answer= tree hugging hippies so the government are trying to eliminate 2 strokes.

The EPA has noting to do with the death of 2 Strokes!!!!
Grow up, Take a Business class and realize the business plan for the BIG FOUR (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki) . . . MAKE MONEY.

Jeremy McGrath rode the last competitve cr250 in April of 05. The last time honda made a change to there cr250 and cr125 . . .wait for it . . . the 2005 model. The last three model years were all the same! You can still by a new CR250R, they just sit on the showroom floor.

It all stems from what is selling guys. Hate em or Love em 4strokes sell. This is the one and only reason. The epa and dot have only restricted licensed & registered vehicles. ATV and Bikes made for competition are only restricted by there class or race entry. AMA still encourages 2 stroke racing, dirt and road. It is just more and more riders are going to thumpers.

So be Proud you roll one of the last best selling 2 stroke quads. It was a last hold out and we now have to buy Austrian made 2-strokes for bikes. I have also felt your pain, but realize that my passions are racing/riding. So when your buddy f*cks his cam up/ sticks a valve/ or blows his whole motor, remind him that a top end kit, new crank and a hone job is still only 500 bucks on your Blaster!!!

P.S. interesting fact . . . villipoto's kx250f was dyno at 46+ hp @ last season national opener. You can make a faster, better 250 4stroke. but it will cost ya.
yep the raptor probs will win in a drag but with the money you save from getting a blaster and not a raptor you could put a new pipe on airfilter reeds and stuff for the same price as a raptor then the blaster will kill it lol
I don't mind the raptor 700 and 660, but the 250 is a new low. I just cant picture a 250cc air cooled 4 stroke as being a performance machine or even remotely fast. And yes, blasters rule :p
I WILL BE 2 STROKE TO THE DEATH, although i love wheelies, and il give these big 4 strokes props on the abillity to ride high speed high rpm wheelies, My kid will feel the zip of a 2 stroke too, collect parts guys you wont get them forever and our day is passing we are like Elvis, king for a while, a legend, but who cares later. I feel sorry for people now alot of them are kinda thumpers all the way around, I dont know if it is bush or the passing of the 2 stroke or what but in my area riding is just not the same atmousphere that it used to be, and some kid is gonna break their foot off when they get a big bike like my first banshee to me, and dont know how to work a compression release on a 4 stroke,, just my thots

I'd like to see the runs. I think the 6 gear 2 stroke has the advantage. The 4 stoke has more power, but can't match the curve on acceleration and speed. It will tow a sh*tload more, but for snap and runnin' I'd think the 2 stroke had it. Now add another 50 or 100 cc's on the 4 stroke and it's a diff. game