What kinda Music You Listen to? and Why


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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
I listen to Metal, Punk, and Traditional Irish...and IRISH PUNK!

Metal/industrial - I am the child of a goth

Punk - My dad was an extreme Punk rocker - especially when he was a bit younger, he was in a band

so bassicly...metal and punk..i was raised on it

and Traditional Irish - it is kinda relaxing, that and i moved here from when i was 5, and i love to hear music from home some irish music is very amazing/really cool sounding

and of course IRISH PUNK!!!! - Dropkick Murphys is the band, they rule, mainly the reasons of punk/traditional irish lol
I think we already have a thread going on this but what the hell.

I like anything but country. I listen to mostly acoustic guitar songs and rock/metal.

i listen to just about everything except klassical and any type of rap or hip hop, im not too picky with music, i like to listen to stuff that matches a situation, and songs that remind me of my g/f (haha makes jokes go ahead) but i deffinetly like ANYTHING i kan jam too and piss off people in traffic with!!!
I listen to everything, well I try to listen to everything.
This is because I think that as long you can learn to accept the music, then you can like anything.
Any and all things loud fast and/or heavy. I hate rap, hip hop, country and everything in those categories. I like classic rock to. The first song I ever heard was probably by AC/DC but my parents are far from metal heads. So I like anything from The rolling stones to Pantera to Cradle of filth to Metallica to Job for a Cowboy to Guns and roses and almost anything in between!