what kind of top block is this?

i looked at the vitos site, and found a pic it is not the same it does not have those things that i have circled, like those standing up metal mine are straight

yes you are correct, thank you for helping me figure out the damn top block.
heres ur rep point
Actually that is a LA Sleeve 240 head and cylendar, that a few companies buy and put their name on. e.x. Trenga and CT mainly. And actually on trengas web site they give credit to CT for the trenga ultimate 240 kit. In the beggining LA Sleeve only made them for CT specifically but now they are marketing it for them selves as well.

I have this same head and cylendar one on my blaster.
ohh they call it trenga ultimate 240 kit and give them credit? alright i'm confused should i call it trenga ultimate 240 kit or ct 240 kit?
In doing research on L.A. Sleeve web they call it a Pro-x cylendar. Hu, this goes against what I heard way back when I bought it. But I bellive that what I originally said about the kit being made by L.A. is what the owner of CT racing told me.

still doesnt matter, no big deal.