what is the differrence? plz help


Mar 26, 2007
i need to kno the difference between cometic gaskets and regular gaskets?
plz tell me becuz i just blew my top end gasket so i will order one from project blaster.
they make them for the blaster go on projectblaster.com click pb store, then engine and intake, scroll down until it says comestic.
i think cometic gaskets ore thicker than the average gasket, but if you want a power tip, ide look fior the thinnest, best base gasket and head gasket you kan find, doing so will raise your compression slightly
yeah sounds right,but will i have to get a different gasket size since i have a big bore kit? and will other people plz post their opinions and experiences with a thin and comestic gasket, who knows it might help someone else.
as for the size, kal your local shop they kan help you out, also i have used Cometic gaskets on my old quadracer 250 and had no problems, it also had a thinner head gasket and bumped my compression up like i said , i had absolutely no problems, alot of guys with Z's run the DRZ basegaskets kause they too are thinner and raise compression and they have had zero problems with it
regular gaskets are well stock, cometic is there for an aftermarket. Depends on what your trying to accomplish and of course your current mods. Im sure either one would be fine as long as you correctly torq the head nuts properly so there are no leaks.

O yea, since your bored .80 over, it would not hurt one bit to use cometic, maybe even better.
i know if you kall Cometic directly you kan get their line of "H.P." gaskets (high performance), their good stuff, thats what alot of the guys with wiseco 440s on Z's get kustom made kause the wiseco head gaskets are junk