What is that metal piece?



i was wondering if anyone knows what that box/metal piece hanging from my blaster is? I don’t know how to post a picture so let me describe it further. If you are looking at a 2001 blaster from behind, on the left hand side of the exhaust, underneath the blaster, probably right under the back half of the seat, right above the rear shock, there is this sort of reservoir and a piece of metal vertically pointing down. So, i was wondering if anyone knows what that reservoir is or what the piece of metal is?
sounds to me like the "resevoir" you speak of is your airbox drain, as for the piece of metal i have no idea, to post a pic, go to photobucket.com, make your own album, upload pics from your computer to that, and then copy the IMG tag from below the image on the photobucket, then just post it in a reply field
I think you are looking at the seat relese just pull back on that and pull up on your seat at the same time and the seat should come off hope that helps
damn .... read the manual... you need to take the seat off to put oil in the tank for premix...
haha holy sh*t didnt even look at date. you guys fail though. imagine he came back, finaly! its the seat latch holy sh*t thanks guys. havent cleaned my airfilter in 2 years!
f*ck 10 months,been 2 years!!!! lol i didnt take a clear look at the date! lol i imaigne him breaking the seat cuz doesnt know how to get it off.