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Mar 29, 2013
Half the time when I go to type a reply to a thread an advertisement pops up and there's no X button to close. I have to click on the advertisement and then close that out to come back to the forum. Also sometimes when I'm typing the curser stops moving and it acts like it's frozen but I can scroll up and down and like people replies. I have to exit the thread and type all over again. It says draft saved but it does not save. Any one else have these problems? I'm on an iPad and iphone.
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im on a droid phone. ive had issues with starting or replying to threads and i couldn't type the reply. i would have to reply without actually writing anything. let it error out than can write my message. i also have issues trying to get the curser to go where i want it. but i think that is more due to my crappy phone. as for ads, i haven't had any issues like you stated above.
it happens to me sometimes ,im on a labtop,not advertisments though just if i get a alert or if i type too long ,or i think if it is being posted to like pg 2,or 3 ??
The ads only pop up on my iphone. It's weird because there's no X button to close it. But the annoying part is typing a paragraph then it stops typing and I have to retype it.
become a supporting member and the ads go away, at least on a laptop/desktop.
on mobile i still see them, and sometimes they get in the way when my keypad is open.

as for the frozen cursor when typing, it happens sometimes, but after a short wait it usually returns.

thread moved to feedback section and link sent to bossman :)
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There should not be anything poping up, the ad is continuously there at the bottom of the page when viewing the page on a mobile device. I wasn't able to reproduce any of issues with typing up replies on the iPad but I will definitely keep this issue on the radar and continue looking into it.

In the meantime, it would be helpful if anyone experiencing similar issues to post exactly what happened and how, the device model and browser it happened in.

iphone, its apple, thats the problem

same with when you guys had a problem on ipads using safari. its apple
But, but, but, when I was in Aussie I could not log on with Safari, I had to use Chrome.

Here in US logging on in Safari is possible, but not with Chrome, very confusing.

I am so confused that I do not know what I am using at the moment.
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