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Apr 22, 2007
What is the difference between 4-strokes and 2-strokes when they go through puddles? And what is the deepest a blaster can go without getting screwed up? And does taking off the airbox lid have anything to do with it?
The diff between 2 an 4 strokes is 4 strokes run of straight gas an an 2 stroke runs of mixed, haha anyways going through mud really a 2 stroke goes through mud just as good as a 4 stroke, this morning when i was still at quadfest i watched a blaster go through a mudhole that was 3-4 foot deep an a 350 raptor got stuck in it. 4 strokes have more torque then a 2 stroke.

An the blaster can go as deep as the airbox but don't go over the airbox lid an don't let off the gas you wouldn't want to get water in your exhaust.
Ohh an for taking off the airbox it increases air flow which means.........More gas + More air = More HP!
my blaster does tht too but i ride alot longer in my friends woods and its a pain in the ass to stop riding and go back to his house for gas
Do you think I can get 5-6 hours of trail riding in on one tank? And how high off the ground is the airbox?
your airbox is under the seat, i'm not excactly sure but long as ur not abov the seat ur fine, also like blaster freak says do not let off the gas becuz your preassure on the pipe will help try to keep water out of the pipes, my friend was an total idiot he was going threw a mud pit and he decided to switch gears put as soon as he let off mud and water went into his pipe causing him to stall out, we had to clean the whole engine out, its running like sh*t becuz he sucks at mud bogging so bad one time he got stuck agian, stalled out, pulled it out rode it back and kept on riding it day after day, and he had to replace some gears and other expensive things. i hav eno problem going threw deep mud pits, i only get stuck a little soemtimes but i always get out.