Wanted Left Engine Case and Trans Gears



if anyone has some they are selling let me know,i found a guy on ebay selling both sides of the case and trans gears but i forgot to bid!
i have a lowerend that needs a rod,clutch,shifter lever and kickstarter
hey i dont have a paypal email.....but my address is
1820 east 625 south
knox, IN 46534

and with shiping it'll be $120 shipped
hey i need a front shock so do u have an extra one?.....ill knock down the price
so what are u suggesting i send u a money order?would anyone vouch for ur credibility?
yeah that would probably be better......um.....u know 01blasterfreak?...ive done business with him on here and E2S....adn ive done a lot of business on
E2S....but if u dont want it thats fine i'll find someone else that needs it