vitos carb jet kit



i just got my vitos carb jet kit im running a stock head at the moment w it on there it has power but i put fmf gold series n i have no power the jet kit starts at 290 to 340 n the pilot is 30 should i go 290 or 300? im going to see what main jet is in there i think its 230
i guess if u have 290 start with that, it might be rich but u never know try it, do a plug chop
i ment stock head pipe but tmw im putting the fmf pipe on the main jet was 220 the pilot was 32 i left it in i put the 290 in for a idle speed i kept the tors unit on but dissconected the wires yea last thursday i was doin like 45 in 6th my buddy said but 1st through 3rd was quick 4th through 6th was boggy it has carbon reeds fmf fatty gold series bored 60 over reed spacer k&n airfilter cover removed w the stock pipe i had lots of power but w the aftermarket it was verry doggy so i left it like that till i got my upgraded jet kit