Totally Off-Topic, But Check This Car Out!


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Apr 1, 2007
This brand is called "Maybach" (pronounced: My-bock) and you can bet it is expensive. Goes around the Rolls Royce price range. These are V-12's. Check the photos out. How would you like to roll in this!?

That's a damn-hot interior!

Damn, yet again!

... And here's one for you 2-door lovers ...

Corvette performance, but with luxury.
i would, but i'm more interested in the old muscle cars such as, camaro,charger,challenger ohh i forgot to menition my dad has a challenger!
Yeah im more into vehicles that I can rally with and not worry about keeping it nice but thats a dam nice car.
Same here i'm a big camaro lover, here's a pic of my camaro


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