Tors delete..New Idle screw??



I bought a tors delete kit and i got it in the mail today. It came with a drill bit, a tap and a new idle screw..But no directions. My question is where do i put the new scew? I have no clue where i should drill and thread the carb for this? does anybody would be a big help..thanks

you should of followed the DIY on here I did it with no problems didnt have to drill or change its free
Umm.. I did, but I also deleted the whole tors and by doing so..i had to replace the carb cap and install a new idle screw..there is a difference between disconnceting the tors and deleting the tors completely..
solo)) have you tryed to tighten your slack on your throttle?
Yup, My idle is pretty good for now..could use a little more fine tuning, but its a 2stroke so im not sweating it. With the vitos TORS delete kit and new idle screw..its very sensitive when adjusting...
It comes with a new carb cap..and throttle cable, idle screw..drill bit and a tap to thread a hole for your new idle screw..
ebay..i think it was can get it from vito's though..
thats all great, but where do you drill the carb for the new idle screw when you eliminate the t.o.r.s. i have everything i need, just don't know where to drill
On the side of the carb, to the left of the air/fuel screw theres a peg that sticks out w/ a hole in it. But the hole doesn't go anywhere.

You gotta grind down that flat. Right now, its on an angle.. You have to make it flat so the nut on the new idle screw can lock properly.

Use the drill bit provided, drill through that hole all the way until you poke through inside the carb. Go slow so you don't damage anything.

Use the provided tap & some kinda oil- WD-40 etc & run the tap all the way in until the threads on the tap are all gone. Back it out & clean everything up real good. Make sure you remove any burrs on the inside of the hole.

You'll notice that when the new idle screw is threaded all the way in, the tip of it pokes into the carb. This spot lines right up with a ramp on the throttle slide. The farther the screw is turned in, the higher the idle. The kit should come w/ a new carb cap & throttle cable.

Its nice being able to pop your carb out in about 2 minutes to clean it out, change jets etc...
Thanks for the info! can wait to get it done, hopefully this weekend!