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Nov 11, 2007
i am thinking about getting a toomey on my 06 blaster. How much louder does it make the blaster and how much faster will it make it?
right bends are way easier to install and apparently are better
oh i see.............i want a dyno test, when i bot my toomey, i thot it was the best, i had never heard of ct or fac 7 lrd was in but it was expensive
yea i wish i had gone with the ct one, but wat i was talking about does anyone know where ican find a dyno chart on these different pipes
not really the company dont want other company to know how much power they make!! but toomey is a good pipe for a stock to verry mild tune engine!!
i see. i just ownder why ct racing woodnt give u a better reason to buy their pipe than to put proof that it makes more power than the others
yea i would like to do a few a few things to the blaster but not much maybe new rears, pipes, and then a front bumper and nerfs or something would you guys recommend the toomey for this?