Tire Repair Kit


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Apr 1, 2007
Some users on the board ask about tire repair, and tires go flat quite often. I have
taken a bit of time to gather some resources. I have had a good
experience with SLIME's tire plug kits and I'll share the product links.

If you have run over a nail or barbed wire fences,
you can use any of these products by SLIME:

* Plug Kit: http://www.slime.com/product.php?product=1034A
* Liquid Filler: http://www.slime.com/product.php?product=blue

Either of the products above will work. Type your zip code in (upper right)
on SLIME's website to find a store near you that carries their products.

If you have run over something larger than a nail or
barbed wire fence, like glass or even a massive nail, I would recommend
the tire plug kit.

Here is a link to SLIME's tire care patch and plug product page:
You can see the full product line.

* http://www.slime.com/tirecare/patchplug.php

My Blaster had a little hole from the barbed wire fence I ran over, and I had to use the tire plug kit (ATV Plugs or Car & Truck Plugs). The liquid may have worked, but the Fix-A-Flat brand (liquid spray in and air up) crap did not work.[/url]
I have a tire plug trail kit with the CO2 carts for inflation, Havent needed it yet, but I will be thankful I have it when I do.