throttle problems



ok i got my reeds in but now when i hit the throttle it chokes out i donno if its thirsty or gas or what i adjusted the airfuel mix and the main jet on the throttle valve i richend it n it got worse i got it verry lean still the same in cold starts i needto put gas in the cylinder to get it to fire compression is great i dont know if i need jets or what
Make sure your parking brake is out all the way. If it isn't it wont allow the motor to do anything more than an idle.
i dissconected the tors system except the unit on the carb but the brain is dissconected n the wire going to the throttle theres no wires going to the parking brake that is already gone i got the throttle response back but now the power isnt there like it was tomarrow im checking the reeds plus i got a used v-force reeds w cage comming from e-bay in a few days
85.00 the reeds looked good but hopefully the pics are right
yea i just started a job 3 days ago that first check will pay for em n then i going to get it re jetted this winter
i diddnt send out the money order yet but i told em im sending it out this weekend but no reply if i dont get a reply it could be a jipp job