this was the dumbest thing tht an ahole can do!!!!!!! to me


Mar 26, 2007
ok i'm ridng on the gravel to a private property that my friend owns, i'm like half way until some guy with a crappy looking truck that was driving towards me he just like veered onto my side and i was like ohhhhh sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swung the handle bars went into a really deep ditch my quad went out from under me went in midair with me along side of it my blaster, i hit face down broke the shade on my helmet, rolled over rocks and hit cornstalks, my blaster went tumbliling somwhere else, i had a really deep cut in my leg, messed up a couple fingers, and my shoulder is sore. the guy just drove off i could tell he did it on purpose becuz he slowed down to watch me go flying in the air, i found my blaster on the side, one of the bolts that held my fender on was gone,and 2 rivits on my silencer were broken, i flipped my blaster over it started on the 3rd kick sounded fine, i rode it back to my friends house slowly, and i saw that f*cking truck parked in his neighbors driveway!!! my friend was sitting outside and as soon as i got off he was like what the f*ck happened????? i told him the story we went in the house bandaged my leg up,put some splints on my fingers, i asked him if he knew who that guy that had that truck that is in his neighbors driveway and hes like yeah its my neighbors son and i'm like hes the faggot who made me crash!!!!!! my friend starts getting pissed and trys to go to his gun cabinet and i had to freaking hold him back and calm him down, we decide to wait until i feel a little better and then we would both beat the sh*t outta him.

i had my blaster hauled back to my house

money will not fix this incident and i don't feel that police will punish him enough, and face it he must pay!! so if one of you people that do this to quaders are reading this u better not f*ck with people like me or you will get your ass kicked when we find you!
Lmao, i would have threw a f*ckin roost all over his truck if i was near a gravel road. I love how high the banshee roosts the power is awesome!
Just involve the cops, thats some serious sh*t right there!!!! Thats like attempted veihicular manslaughter, especially if you know one. Didn't you previuosly post something else involving your neighbor and I think you said you knew a local cop.
well if you involve the police its your word against his. Handle business yourself. Just make sure he doesnt see who it is.
ok well after 2 days of the accident i talk with the local cop that i know and he says i know you are telling the truth but it will not hold up in court since there were no witnesses presented,so i start getting depressed that i can't do sh*t, but then i think theres always other sh*t i can do besides trying to get him in court
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yeah around here the cops come head on at you to....i had an unmarked game warden swurve at me at night then flick on his blue lights on his dash. dumbass tried to run me down the whole damn road till i got to a trail. their not suposed to chase you if your doing over 40mph here...but they do anyway
Kick his ass or throw a brick through his windsheild lol..Hope your alright man..Iv wrecked on my old kx80 doin like 45mph on pavment..I got messed up..tore muscles..nd had to get knee will never be the same..It was my own fault..but my point being is you could have been seriously hurt..I hope you take the proper I would not let that sh*t slide..Just be smart about whatever you do..
ohhhh, that son of a biotch will not be getting away with this becuz he f*cked with the wrong guy, most of my friends are already about to do sh*t tog et him back since they hate people who do sh*t like this
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sounds like you have some sweet mates just don't do anything silly like scratch don't push me off the road cus that will give it away and you will get in trouble with the cops lol hehe