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Jul 5, 2007
Heres me drifting like a pro rider. Leave some comments on how i ride...

[obfv="sF4J0YP9UYs"]This pro rider...[/obfv]
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a pro would not waste that much time in the corner, no offense but try it going faster and scoot ur ass off to the side so you put most of your weight lower and more to the inside of the turn, have fun and practice drifting
ur good for the acceling out of the turn cuz you bend the bars with the turn and then save urself from flipping while gunning on the gas by turning the bars to go agaisnt the turn for a split second.
thats a good job, now all you have to work on is throwing the ass end out as you slide thru the turn, my trick is to clutch thru turns then pop the clutch once i get out of the turn and get some control back *get a nice boost off the clutch pop and you also can slow down thru the turn without downshifting or losing rpms's
and sh*t with all the mods you have you should be posting some vids i have a stock ass blaster still tryin to do my thing i do watever i can to keep my sh*t runnin and b4 u say anything else out the way read the above posts of wat everybody else has said then read wat ur dumb ass said
your the f*cking dumb ass you little biotch with your 798 model grips, and your sprocket your thing is so fast, o and dont forget your carbon fiber clutch and brake lever, and your call me a dumb ass, your the dumb f*cking retart who didnt even know how to put them on!
wat the f*ck i did kno how yo put the muthafukas on i jus wanted clarification and how old r u ive jus ben introduced to quads like 2 years ago and this was my 1st quad so i came to the forum for help and where have i posted tht i my blaster was so fast i think i see in both of our signatures tht we have YAMAHA BLASTERS sh*t damn and i see ur currently rebuilding let me tell u sumthin ive had my blaster goin on 3 years and ive never had to do anything to accept change the oil no taking the oil injection off cleanin the carb REBULINDING none of tht sh*t i see ur .60 over and r u the 1st owner of ur blaster hell no ur sh*t has BEN USED mine was fresh off the showroom floor and look at it now perfect condition
wow you have to be the biggest f*cking stupid biotch. i did that sh*t to make it faster and better, better than your stock pos. and where does it say i had to clean my carb, just seriously f*cking shut up, a rebuild dosnt mean anything, im making it better than it was before, and even before i did my rebuild i would smoke the sh*t out of you
i mean wats the point of racing a stock blaster ur jus making ur self look stupid wat do u have to show for a f*ckin old ass quad 06 buddy and i have sumthin else to show for for my age neways smart, i have a quad, good all around skills in any sport wat do u have
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