Taking Tires Off


New Member
Aug 28, 2007
New Jersey
Hey can someone help me I have a stock 2004 Yamaha blaster and just bought new tires and i can't get the old tires off? Can someone please help me thanks
You need to buy a tire iron or a bead breaker. The stock yamaha tires are especially hard to get off because of the bead. You can try jumping, stomping, punching, pulling or any variation of those...it won't work. You can also try to take it to the nearest les schwab or some auto/tire shop, they should beable to do it for you.
Well my dad is gonna bring it to his friend and see if he can do it and if he can't hes gonna bring it to the quad store and let them do it. Alright thanks, anymore ideas......One other thing is if i just bring my 4 old tires and 4 brand new tires that i bought from them and let them just put the new tires on the old rims how much will it cost you think?