Oct 17, 2007
what is the TORS? and why does every body remove it...

I heard that it was a throttle over ride.. is that true
Yes it is true.. and people remove it becuase it can cause reliability issues.. if the decides to act up..Check out the link in the DIY page that JLsparky made on how to dis connect it.. Its worth your while and wont take longer than 5 min if you know what your doing ..
it is there incase your slide sticks in the carb and since blasters dont have revlimiters it will shut it off before it blows up, its just a retarded saftey thing that is a waste of weight and time. mine actually rattled itself loose and made the hole bigger and now it sucks air through the hole it made and now i need a new carb
i beleive moose and motion pro make a kit that comes with a new throttle cap and a new throttle cable.. for 40$ you dont have to worry about shorting out ur blaster..