Stroker head mods?


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Oct 29, 2007
I've been noticing most of the 4mm stroker crank/rod combos want you take out 2 mm from the head. I am wondering why I can't find the 3mm stroker kit's needing 1mm taken off?

Piston shape?

What's the deal, anyone know?

I like the Hotrods 4mm, but will go 3mm to avoid head work.

Anybody throw me a bone on this one?

I got some lower parts coming and what not and I figure if I gotta do it, might as well do it all. More cubes is more power, period. It's all the "but you gotta do this" crap that gets old.

I love this:

I've never stroked a 2 stroke before.........

and got caught I:I

Anyway, lemme hear from you folks.

i just sent mine out to get built b/c you should change the exhaust port. otherwise there is really no point of a stroker. also the head work needs to be done to put you at the right compression and depending on your cylinder condition you may need other machine work to make sure the rings stay seated and don't have 2 little quench distance