Some pics of the rebuild.....


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
My cousin and I are currently rebuilding his 02 blaster. He got the frame, swingarm, and axle carrier powerdercoated and painted the rest of the parts. Everything was really rusted and chipped up. This powerdercoating is amazing. Let me know what you think and how much you would be willing to pay for it, just for sh*ts and giggles. Thanks in advance.








I know thw shocks are on upside down but that was the only way we could get the springs back on the shocks to paint them. We will be switching them back tomorrow.
i can have all mine done for 120 from a guy in NY, ohh an my swingarm an a arms were powder coated gloss black an the bottom a arms got dull quick just from dry grass hitting it, but man my frame it still shines like a biotch! it's pro. painted no PC'ing, but anyways very nice i like the color scheme.
that frame looks soo good! i was thinking about getting my swing arm painted gloss black cuz its kinda beat from trail riding and stuff right now
damnit, it looks the same as mine does man, it does look good tho. i rattle caned mine but the sh*t was 6 bucks a can of metallic black and blue
i wouldnt be willing to pay much at for my frame getting PC'ed, i kan get my frame, subframe, and a-arms snadblasted and PC'ed for 175, kan you beat that?[/Q

to be competely honest, yes, indeed i can. My buddy works at a place where they do over lawn chairs and tables ect, so hes sandblasting and powdercoating all day, price i pay? whatever my paint is going to cost, service is completely free
Powdercoating, if applied and cured properly on a substrate that is prepped correctly is FAR superior to any painted finish in terms of durability.
If you have something powdercoated and want some extra insurance, have the piece clear coated with a high gloss clear powder. This will help minimize the knicks, scratches etc. In fact, some colors must be cleared to withstand solvents such as gasoline, brake cleaner, etc...

HOWEVER, if you need to strip powdercoating, it can be very slow and painstaking (without a specific powdercoating stripper).

I am about to strip my Blaster and powdercoat almost everything on the bike, including the motor.

When you consider the price of doing something like powdercoating, consider the lifespan. It shouldn't be just about initial cost.