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Apr 15, 2007
what about a forum for riding areas?

there is a site here in Texas has good listing of all of the nice places to ride around here, but what are the good places i may want to goto if i went to Arizona?
Well I think you will have to look at other sites for that information. We are a community for Blaster owners so if someone wanted to post a list of riding areas or answer this question then thats great. However I cant make a forum just for riding areas because there would only be a few posts in it. It might be possible to add one when the forum gets bigger though. Thanks for the feedback!
Search back up and working yet? I wouldnt want to have to flood you with emails. :)

sorry, i keep forgetting:oops: i am just used to using search alot on another forums, and do it out of habit. won't happen again Boss.
Sorry guys I cannot figure this thing out. If all else fails I will just have to re-install a bunch of stuff which could take a few days.