Raptor 660/700 or Predator 500?



I've finally decided it's time. Time to sell the Blaster and move on to bigger and better things. I'd keep it but it's just a bit too small for a bigger guy like me (200lbs and 5'9"). I'm wanting to move up to something faster and more trail worthy. I've heard good things about both the Predator and the Raptor and I figured maybe you guys could be of some help. I'm a big Polaris fan (that's all my dad's owned for the last 10 years) so I'm leaning towards the Predator. I'm not as concerned with all out speed as I am an overall fun to ride quad. Whatever I get will be 2004 or newer, low hours, and $5,000 or less.

I know for a fact that the Raptor is faster than the Predator in a drag race and better in the trails. I also know that the Predator is better on the MX track and does not feel as top heavy as the Raptor and corners excellent. It's a mixed bag, I love the looks of the Predator, but I don't want to discount the Raptor.

Let me know what you think.
The Polaris 525 outlaw is faster than the predator and raptor, And it has full indipendant suspension front and rear. Thats what I would go with. My brothers outlaw smoked at 660 raptor with a big bore kit.
Sure, why not consider it too. It just seems that the Predators are easier to find. Not too many low hour Outlaws out there as it seems Ebay is the only one that has them.
I hear you there. You can't go wrong with any of the new 450 fourstroke race bikes either. But I know why your thinking raptor(BIGGER ENGINE). I got the same problem. I always want the biggest badest and nicest. Hey whatever you decide I'm sure you'll be happy. Hardly can compete with 4 strokes these days, they are getting faster and faster.
Reason I'm thinking bigger than the 450 race bikes is I'm not going to be racing it and their not really suited for trail riding. I went over to the off road park last weekend and I found out that the Blaster just isn't suited for that type of riding with me on it. It doesn't have much suspension travel, rough ride, and it didn't have enough power to make it up a lot of the hills that were there. Instead of spending money on it and making it do the things I want, I'm just going to buy a quad that suits me to begin with. That makes the most sense to me.
I ride with a guy who runs a Predator. Breaks damn near everytime out. I "quad sat" a Raptor 660 for a couple of months, which included taking it out a couple times to make sure it was running ok:-D I like the Rappy, but it's too heavy for me (5'6 150 lbs) but it is a blast on the dunes. When it's time to upgrade the Warrior next year, I'll be looking at YFZ or a TRX450R. Only things I don't like about them, is no reverse.

Opinon subject to change after my boss buys his Raptor 700, and I get a chance to test ride it though.
After reading up on them some more and talking to a few guys at work I'm looking more seriously into the Raptor and much less at the Predator. I think the Raptor would be exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your posts guys!
I guy I know is going to sell his preadator for 4800 with low hours...im in NJ if you want some more details I can find out for you. The last time I talked to him he only ran 5 tanks of gas through it. He babied this one too. When a whole bunch of us went out he led the pack since most of us didnt know the trail. When we got to the pit he didnt even ride just sat there and watched everyone else.