Question about intake and jetting



I have a 96 blaster with a full dg pipe and silencer. I am going to remove the airbox and replace it with just filter on the carb. I got the bike used and can't tell if it was rejetted when the exhaust was put on or not. Can i get away with using the jet that is in the carbs now, as it runs great with the exhaust, or do I need to order a new jet kit. Also, if you recommend a jet kit which size do you recommend?

Thanks in advance,
if your blaster is running fine with the pipe the way it is then it was prob. jetted.

But check the color of the spark plug, b/c if its not a nice dark tan brown. you will need to rejet or adjust your air/fule ratio, or move the clip on the jet needle maybe a combo of all.

IF you go with a filter directly of the carb, I reccoment getting an outer where for it. And most likely with this mod you will have to do a combo of the above.