Plasti Dip frame



anyone ever seen someone ever paint there frame with Plasti Dip i dont have money for pc right now and i'm thinking about using this stuff until i have spare money. or i might just leave it that way if it looks good. i bet it would holdup better then spraybomb possibilty pc and i bet i would never ever see this on another quad. any thoughts (it might be a real stupid idea but then again it would be fairly easy to remove).
it might stay on for a while but if stuff rubs or juts hits the paint i will probably scrape off
hmm...i havent had any experience with that sh*t..but im wondering..wouldn't it melt if your exaust header comes up right next to it? and its soo close to the engine??
I have heard of people using bedliner but have not seen it. I am sure it would be a pain to keep clean.
Dont use that stuff i have some an its used to put rubber handle on plyers an screw drivers an that that would be heavy an it would melt if it got hot.
it wouldnt be a bad idea to maybe put some of that stuff on high-wear arears like the side of the frame... thatd be kinda kool, or you kould get roll on truck bed liner, that would work even better
im gunna do some of the rollon bed-liner on the side of the frame where your boots or legs rubagainst the frame, idc if it looks will look better than scratched up or rusted
Im gonna put the stuff on my handle bars so I dont need to run grips. Also coat my swing arm in it so it will always collect mud and dirt. Hmmm maybe ill make a gripper seat with it too.
Bad Idea. freak is right. It will make your quad way to heavy.

It also will give your frame the quality of rubber. Yeah ya might bounce off trees better, but I choose to go around them.

Plus the qualities of rubber would suck on a quad. It will scuff super easy. When it gets warm it will become soft. When it gets cold it will get hard, causin' it to crack or broke easy.

If you don't find the weight problem to be an issue I would go with bedliner. It is relatively cheap. Comes in a variety of different colors. Is easy enough to apply and is just like steel when it comes to protection. For those that find it might attract mud . . . You can now buy line-x without texture.

But for realistic choices I would go with powdercoat, anodize, or go high temp paint. All have pros and cons. But they all will look great and stand up to standard riding.

If you wallet is thin I would go a good engine-block enamel. It will hold a good shine and can be bought in a rattle can. If ya take you time with prep, do several thin layers, and allow plenty of cure time it will hold up for several seasons.