i know vitos melt but how is the vertex i got one for my blaster because it was cheaper but i dont know on the quality i know wiseco is best please give me info oh i got a problem w my carb the spring for the float jet n float bowl is missing can i bend that lip on the float bowl?
a freind of mine used vertex and it didnt last to long. they are cheaper, but you get what you pay for, i would go with wiseco
Wiseco Lites only way to go on any 2 stroke, speaking of teh pistons, I ve yet to open up my daughters blaster, getting ready too, who is teh Guru on these motors now?? dose any one window port these pistons for extrea cooling??
well that sux i baught a pile of melted aluminum unless i dont go too lean or buy the weiseco do they make .60 over?