Is there a special kind of paint i should use for my frame? Or any metal parts?
Uh i dont think so. I just go to wal-mart and pick out the paint that says its ok to use on metal, plastic, or whatever your painting.
It's all in the prep work, and the fnal stages.

Make sure you clean well, sand, and primer first. This is important to keeping the paint on. when your done spraying your color, make sure you hit it with lots of clear coat. Not only will it be nice and shiney, it will help (help being the key word) stop rocks and such from chipping the paint off.
Exactly what Maxit said! Exactly. That will def work and should look good if done right. I'd do at least 4 clear coats. What color are you going for?
use Rustoleum, I dont think i spelled that right :lol: