ok I know alittle more

hmm...check your motor oil level..check your crankcase for cracks...check your kick (take off motor oil cap and look in) to look and see if when you push the kick..if it is stripped out alot..that can happen from there being no motor oil...and get back to me about it, and if you have yahoo messenger..add me "stryder917"
Blasters have a rev over ride which will kill the engine. Check the carb to make sure it is not stuck wide open. Also make sure it is pluged in too. should be right off the carb. Another thing if you have a multimeter or volt meter go to the hot side of the coil and to the frame. I'm not sure of a stator output but i beleive it is 13.3 V. This will let you know the stator and ignition box are good. You will still need to check the coil itself. Just one of many options.
I can do that

I am an electrician for 18 years & have a fluke 787 true RMS meter . But more important I know how to use it lol . I forgot to mention I soildered a new palser coil on it this morning , it fired up & ran great till MY SON lol broke the woodroff key . I put the knew one on & it only fired once ( for less than a sec. ) then died . so if I go from hot side of the stator to chassie ground I should read 13 volts bye just trying to kick it off ?
You should But like I said I'm not sure of the voltage output of the stator. If you want I can hook my fluke 88v(LOL) up to mine and see what I read. But this test is more of a test to see if your getting anything at all to the coil. I'll check my bike and get back to you.
Scrap that idea. The readings are not high enough to read until the engine fires. because of the pulsing. The atv coil fires on the hot side rather then a ground trigger. What was I thinking. LOL...The reading at idle was 30 millivolts dc and 1.6 ac. I'm not sure if atv stators and magneto's use diodes to which ac to dc current or not so i took both readins. To be honest its rare for the stator to go out. I've never had one fail on me, so testing them is not a strong point for me. But I know people that have had them fail and without it the bike will not start. Try checking timing and compression first.