oil injuection


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Apr 15, 2007
is there anything i need to do to maintain it?

also, i know most manufacturs asume you are gonna use the worst oil, what is i use yamaha lube or silkolene? since it is syn. is that gonna cause a problem?
Maintanace of the oil injection system will only get you so far, I would get it blocked off and premix if I were you. I thought mine would never break (even with propper maintanance). Well, $200 later and 2 weeks of downtime I learned my lesson.

as far as maintanance, all you need to do is bleed the system every once and awhile, and make sure your gear is still in good shape.

Syn oils are great, especially for 2 strokes. I prefer dino oil for the trans and clutch, but for injector/premix, syn is the best you can get. I run Maxima syn blend and love it, smells good ;)
silkolene and i little race gas made my YZ smell great:razz:

is the oil injection really that bad? i had read other wise. not that i mind mixing, i have done it for years.

also, who sells block off kits?