Not sure what to say


May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
Not sure what to title this thread as but, heres the point im trying to get at

some of the members should do some R&D on parts and mods and tips and tricks and everything and then post in the feedback area accordingly, when i had my Z, all the fellow Z owners as well as myself tried new things and tried other peoples ideas and shared them with the world, a speed secret being told or a power secret being told isnt going to really affect some one who might live half away across the U.S., for all you know you kould be giving them the resource they need to be local champ in there klass or whatever and help them make their lives better, and hopefully if they get big maybe they will thank you personally in an interview or something

the main point - point is to help bring the community together MORE, share your past ideas, try the ones youve been thinking of, and over all be a good sport, get detailed on those little mods that make it that much better, be it for performance or aesthetics (looks)

i know that since my buddy is going to put his blaster together now me and him will trying anything and everything and i will share our experiences with all the kik ass members here
well thinking of it i was looking at my old blaster and my dads old lt250 engine sitting beside it. i was thinking, what will i need to do. i need to rebuild the lt but cant find a dang radiator that would work right, would one off of an old 250r work?
ive pondered the liquid cooled swap, and my friends yz125 radiators would fit pretty good with some accessory brackets welded on, they weould fit right on thr front of the frame behind the bumper, and you ahve the bumper there to attach screen to for protection, but all things aside, i wanted this to be for people to tell HOW IT WORKED and what they DID, not will it work and how will i do it, not trying to be mean i noticed threads liekd to get sidetracked and cluttered on this site (nothing bad, conversation is always good), but if you wanna discuss it make a thread somewhere, let me know and we'll ponder the possibilities