not enough clutch


Oct 25, 2007
so i just got my motor back and it runs great but my clutch is having problems. so i have it machined out for 400ex springs and have a kevlar barnett clutch pack in it. 1st off i need the springs to hold the power, apperently the race motors they built in the past have needed the springs. with that said not using them is not an option. here are the problems, i melted the ball to both shafts once now and that is a pain to get apart and fix. second in not even 1 hr of run time i have killed 2 clutch arms. i guess they are soft the ends keep deforming. does anybody have any suggestions or has anybody ran into this kind of problem. dave at ecatv told me banshees melt the steel ball bearings but you can get ceramic ones to prevent that as far as i know there is nothing like that available for a blaster which uses a 3/16" ball. it appears that the pressure plate can not move out far enough to disengage does anybody know a measurement on how far the pressureplate should move? any help would be great.
The ball is melting due to the lack of oil or improper adjustment. You need to replace both push rods along with the ball, adjust the clutch properly and get rid of the 400ex springs, if you want I sell the heavier springs for the blaster application that won't bend the clutch arm.

Another consideration is a hydraulic clutch. We worked with Magura to develop the first one for the blaster. These things are smooth.

The movement of the pressure plate is somewhere around 1/8"-5/32".
i have heavier springs but they are apperently not enough. are your prings a different rate or just longer like most of the others out there. the pressure plate is machined to fit the large diameter springs. not that i don't have other stock ones. i know why the ball melts i was just wondering if anybody found a solution to it. i was told i can run more oil to help get it in there. i've melted them before in harescrambles and just long riding periods. how does your hydraulic clutch work? do you have a link so i can check it out. thanks chris