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Mar 30, 2024
Hello all!

New to the ATV world... Very very long time motorcycle guy who wanted to get a blaster as a fun entry two stroke quad to just play around and have a toy to tinker with. Non racer... Those days are gone...

Yes I'm a noob in the ATV realm, still figuring out lingo etc... so, bare with me...

Short story- bought a blown up blaster (05) that I'd like to work on the chassis and get it to fit or extend it some for stability..... Looking at a arms and extended swing arm.... Have it narrowed down to go with a +3 swing arm with banshee axle etc in rear - the front end is a little foggy for me.... This is where the help is required

I'd like to extended it with a arms. Was looking at the American star ones because well they are in stock and available. As far as what else I need to look out for or things I need to purchase along with the arms.... I have no clue... Will they work with the blaster OE parts? Are the plug and go? What else is needed when I purchase these things?

Once again, sorry for long rant, I am new, any help is appreciated! Talk to me like I'm 5.... Still learning here on this side
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I've been casually looking at aftermarket A-Arms for my daughters Blaster here and there, mainly because the stock A-arms ball joints are not replaceable. The few I've seen don't indicate any chassis mods needed to bolt them in. But I seem to recall seeing some that recommended longer shocks? I could be mistaken about that, it's been a minute since I was digging around for them.

As to widening the rear, Banshee hubs will swap in on the Blaster axle. RMATV offers extended Banshee hubs, if I recall they give you a total of +3" rear width. That's a nice bump in rear width that's pretty easy on the budget. I'll likely go that route with my daughters. The other nice thing about the Banshee rear hubs is the bolt pattern now gets you into 9" rear rims that are readily available which brings with it a lot of rear tire options that are good choices for this little sport quad. Tough to find good tires for 8" wheels like the Blaster has these days, although I think I did good with a pair of Sunf 20x10x8 Maxxis Big Horn copies from Amazon for $130. They seem to do well and to me are a much better size and profile.

Thank you! I see limited activity on this forum so wasn't sure if many are still on here or not! Thank you for the reply!

Plan was to do a +3 swing arm with a banshee axle, 400ex shock in the rear...

Front, I've been looking at the American star +3-+1 a arms but I am not all sure what else is required. Do they bolt up using stock blaster components such as the spindle etc? Or do I need to find other parts to make it all come together? I'd probably just do 400ed shocks on front too as I think they are the right length required for the LT arms.

Not a racer, just want to build a healthy, more stable machine and having a small bore smoker to tinker with sounded fun. The 05 I picked up is going to require some TLC so figured may as well have a little fun! New to the ATV world, trying to learn
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Yeah I was just looking at those. They make no mention of needing any other parts to run the American Star arms. Being that you have an 05, you have hydraulic disc brakes up front, which is nice. That's an upgrade I'd like to do on my daughters '95 which has cable actuated drums up front.

I also looked at the Full Flight A-arms, and they state the need to convert to Banshee or YFZ450 spindles and hubs.

I think you are on the right track looking at the Am-Stars.

Yeah, alot of forums seem slow anymore. I think FB has a lot to do with that.