New Years Weekend Ride & Camp at DFA


May 2, 2010
West Central Florida
Dirty Foot Adventures has had some issues due to the popularity of the park and the number of people attending, they need to repermit and build facilities such as bath houses with hot showers and toilets. Also will be one day building full hookup campsites but they need our help to get the park back open for full family use of the trails and all other amenities. They pulled a special use permit to help raise the funds. This is the BEST family park for ALL types of atv riders please help by coming out if you dont have plans yet.
Here is a copy of what was posted on their facebook:

It is time to show your support to Dirty Foot Adventures!!!!!!

We are having an open ride weekend for New Years. We WILL HAVE Camping, Trails, the MX Track, Drag Strip, Mud Pit and Enduro Cross Course all OPEN!!! Yes that is right for one weekend Friday- Monday we are able to allow our members to ride the trail system and camp at Dirty Foot Adventures. We have been allowed a Special Use Permit for that weekend as a FUNDRAISER to re-open our trails and camping back up. We will have several things planned to help raise the necessary funds such as a Scavenger Hunt, 50/50, donation pot and we will be selling Lunch and Dinner. We are also working with a company to have DFA Shirts, Hats and Stickers (for the vehicle) with our new logo on them. The design they came up with is AWESOME and we can not wait for you to see it.

We need your help to get the word out about this SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to allow our members out on the trails as well as having the ability for them to camp. Please tell all of your friends and get them to come spend the weekend with us!!

We will announce pricing and hours on our website The Official Dirty Foot Adventures Site and our facebook page within a day or so. Please come support this so that we can raise the funds we need to get these items to be PERMANENT instead of just temporary.See More
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Sounds like a good event. I'd definitely join the fun, but I'm on the left coast. Good luck, have fun and be safe!
WOW!!! what a weekend, the dragstrip was busy all weekend, unfortunately not a big 2stroke turnout. One banshee I saw and an old honda odyssey with a 350cc 2stroke. The trails were awesome and the mx track is big and bada**!!! Camping was great with perfect weather too. They will be doing a full open park once per month until they raise the money to build the bath house and the dump station for the rvs. State compliance crap. But what a great park and the people running it are as nice as can be! I have been told if I could get enough interest we could put together a blaster forum ride with discounted rates. Let me know.....