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Tim Steele

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Oct 6, 2007
Front Royal, VA
There has been a Blaster parked in the corner of my storage building for 3 years,one of those "get it running and I'll square up with you later" deals. 3 years later no money or parts show up haven't even heard from the guy. ( a friend)
I have a lot of 2 stroke experience and bike experience ,but very little reed motor experience. I have only owned 1 RD 350 Yamaha , the rest of my 2 strokes have been Kawaskai triples from the 70s. Here's a pic of one of my bikes and the Blaster as it looked when I drug it out of the storage building beside my shop:

1975 Kawasaki H1 500 chassis, late 71 H2 750 engine (500 badges meant to mislead:-D:-D:-D ) 34 roundslide Mikunis, FPP pipes, Neville Lush racing ignition, Dunstall rear sets. Front forks ,mag and braking system late EX 500 Kawasaki , early Ex 500 Kawasaki rear mag, approximately 100 HP. 130MPH in about 11 seconds. Stage I porting by yours truly ,running Bel Ray SI-7 though the pump.
and the Blaster:
FMF pipe , K&N air filter main jet 270 pilot unknown, pilot airscrew at 1.5 compression 95 cold .115 after 4 hours of kicking and cussing The Blaster will run for about 2 seconds then die , cleaned carb , good gas ,all kinds of spark when I pull the plug and lay it on the head??
I'll be needing some help and advice from Y'All. Thanks in advance.
Tim Steele in Mossy Head, FL
1st question : How do I tell what year it is??
clean the filter,drian the trans oil,change the spark plug if it still makes all kinds of spark it could be the coil.

does this blaster have an oil injection block off????? if there is no oil tank you have to premix

the way u tell what year is on the left side of the frame stamped, i forgot which numbers mean the year though
look on the left rear side, under the fender..if there is a small tank...that should be your oil injection...make sure its not just blocked...cuz if it is you have to premix your fuel...i mix at can mix at 32:1...or anything like that...but it also depends on the oil you are yah, and yours looks like a late 93-to a late 95-96....or even a 97...but if you look at the numbers and letters stamped on the left side of the can use that to look up what year it is, and yah..ask anything that you need help with, we'll be glad to help
Oil injection is hooked up and working , yeah it sure will need a chain after I get it to run . It is an 89 model mechanical rear disc brake front drum brakes , FMF pipe and K&n air filter other wise appears stock.
I have been riding and working on 2 stroke street bikes since the 70s so believe me I will NEVER run premix unless it is unavoidable . Stock oil pumps were even used on the factory Kawasaki Triple H1R and H2R road race bikes in the 70s.
The more I think about it the next thing I am going to do is pull the reeds out and make sure they aren't cracked ,partially missing ,etc as failed reeds will cause this same symptom. I don't think it is electrical , as the spark is quite strong with the plug out laying on the head and the compression is 115psi.
thanks , Tim Steele
alright, and yah, if it isn't the reeds, i imagine you already have done this, but clean the carb...if you already did, you could even do it again, i did mine twice after i came back from my last year of college, i thought i had my fuel drained out, and i didn't get it out of the carb, and it was pretty nasty lol, it could have been alot get my point, but anyway, i cleaned it twice, and i bought some "103+" to put in my gas, it is an octane booster to help get all that sh*t cleaned out, im burning 93, and i usually do put a quarter of a bottle of the 103+ in it..just cuz lol...anyway though yah, just make sure everything is clean, especially your needle and jet and sh*t, so yah
you can buy that at any auto parts store...price...?...never bought a bottle.

Hey Tim...BADASS H12! Those bikes friggin rip arse. I'm sure there's not many peeps on here that are familiar with them, but we all are 2 stroke fans. I had an H2 just out of high school. I remember stock spec on it was 0-60 in 3 flat. I always had trouble with one cylinder though and never could completely diagnose and correct it. A buddy of mine in Austin, TX has an H1 set up for drag. You bike is beautiful man. Much props to you on that one.

As for your problem, first off, 95 PSI is much too low for the YFS200 motor. It should be somewhere from 140-160. You may need a top end rebuild before it will run reliably. I don't need to spend much time on basics as I am most certain you know your stuff. I've had problems restoring older motors that have sat for a while with the ignition (H2). Even though I was getting spark, it was decieving and not enough power in the arc. Usually bad coil pack, worn points (not in this case), or bad CDI. You've already cleaned out the carb, have you tried dropping some gas directly in the cylinder to rule out the suspect of fuel starving?

All in all, I think better compression will help, but we always must rule out gas and fire right....did I mention already...BADASS TRIPLE!
yea 95 psi way too low for a cold blaster motor. Stock cold psi should be around 125.

sounds like a top end rebuild is in need.
Tim. P.s. whats your experience with premix and the oil injection?

Because it is well known that blasters oil injection pumps are prone to failure and inaccuracies. That is why most every blaster owner that dumps some money into ther blaster does a block off and goes to premix.
103+ is... roughly $10 a bottle around here, you can buy it at Napa..Autozone..Ace Hardware in the automotive sh*t.., and a whole lot of other places.
V force reeds are pretty good, boyesen..i never used them, so icant say anything about them so, yah, but i assume b145 knows what he is talking about too, so yah, just go something you know is dont go out and buy some generic reed brand cuz they are cheaper..that is dumb...