Need Topend Help



When rebuilding the topend, do i need to worry about how tight the bolts are. Should i get a special wrench for this?
YES. and yes I am yelling. dont let ayone tell you different. swag (scientific wild arse guess) will not cut it. Get a torque wrench, and find the torque specifications (in a clymer manual, if you dont have one get one)
OK thanks, and yes i have the clymer manual and i know it says to get one, i just wanted to make sure. The only problem is that i cant get a wrench (besides the needle nose vicegrips) in between the topend and the botttom end bolts.
what size drive should i get?

3/8 will do most of your blaster work, you can always put an adapter on.

the size you should be concerned about is not the drive size its the range of torque. the larger range the better. and it depends on what specs your going to be torquing too.

Ive got 3 different torque wrenches myself with different ranges. (it ends up being what you need in the long run) I luv tools.
THANKS EVERYONE YOU GUYS F**** ROCK!. I have gotten so much good information from all of you.
yeah, this site holds so many members with reliable suggestions because we have experience with blasters as well as other quads.