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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
Ok, i kicked my blaster, and it started to idle super super high, and i went to turn the key off...and it didnt turn off, then i pulled the kill switch, didnt turn off, i hit the kill Switch as well...didnt turn off, so i pulled the can someone tell me what i can do to fix this (it is a 1995, in EXCELLENT cond.)
my throttle cable is gunna check my reed in the is 10 after 1 in the morning right now yah, thanks alot! , ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?
my friends blaster did the same thing, it was the crank bearing seals, and also the intake boots crack which allows it to by-pass the carb and the mixture in the motor burns
ok..that sounds much is it gunna cost me to not afraid to stick money in it..but i wanna know how much im gunna be spending..cuz i dont live in town..if it is a large gunna go in some other day..if its a smaller amount (less than 100) ill get it tmrw morning....cuz i live 20 mins outside of st. marys...kinda on a mountain with sooo much space to ride :), and i dont wanna have to ride my banshee on trail...cuz it sucks for trail, cuz i have it set up for is too snappy for trail lol, id hit a tree and die :p
Check the reeds before anything, if they are not cracked or broken take it in an have the shop do a leak down test that will solve weather you have an airleak.
crank seals are loike 15-20 bux, and then you need the gaskets, they vary from dealer to dealer, plus oil, and intake boots i have no idea how much they cost, but you should be sitting pretty at MAYBE 120 IF that