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Oct 29, 2007
I'm 42 and my son is 9. I just bought a blown Blaster. Have ridden many ATV's, just never owned one. I always liked the Blaster. So I will start fixing it and teaching the boy how to ride. Should have a few tricks to share. I restore classic Mopars and have turned wrenches most of my life.

yea i think if you own a blaster, you love it, they are sooo fun
when i think muscle, i think mopar, the Chrysler Corp. back in the day helped innovate a culture im very deep in, I love just about evrything muscle oriented, except ford, when i think tough, i dont think ford

I'm a Mopar man through and though. I do all sorts of fabricating and mods. I am in the process of restoring a '69 Coronet R/T. She will be my baby and the last one I will own. I own a remodeling company and just don't have the time for the cars anymore. My friend owns the resto shop so I go in and weld or make small parts, but it doesn't pay much, so it's a hobby and I do it out of love. 1 kid in college and a second is a junior in High and the little man is bringing up the rear. I figure it's time to play like a kid and hang with the man.

indeed, my dad used to have a 67 or 68 belvedere, i wish he still had it, hes owned all kinds of chargers and challengers when he was growing up along with a caddy and various GM cars, i wish he still had them all, im a little more new school i guess since i rock a 1982 Trans Am MSE, its a rare car so i'll keep it forever , im in the process of restoring, so i kan go act like a kid with it and make trouble for the establishment, alot of people now-a-days dont appreciate the old muscle cars and led sleds and what not, and it brings a tear to my eye, ive seen one too many restorable rides end up junked and demo derbied, wheres the love at man, wheres the love....
hey welcome to the forums u picked a great quad for the kid...i have a 71 c-10 im in the process of restoring myself
That worked

When I get some real parts on it i'll make a better one like Hawkeye has. Just trying to fit in and show my stuff!!!

! hey, nice choice on bringin him up with a blaster, and i think you'll love it too lol. and hey! Mopars are cool, i have a 68 Drag Racing Chevelle, and soon a 69 Camaro, so yah, i think its awesome that you are bringin ur kid up on a 2stroke..especially a blaster man! GRATZ ON THE CHOICES!
my dad had a 70 challenger but he got into an car accident, so we were forced to sell it (he loved tht car)
f*ck n A

I love that car!!! Sweet little ride. Bummer on the accident, hope the people are good to go.

Im a mopar nut too but they are just getting so expensive!!! Ive had a bunch of mopars 72 Barracuda 71 scamp 71 duster 74 duster 74 dart swinger. but i sold them all and now i have an 85 mustang gt carbed motor light fast and super cheap to build parts everywhere!! But down the road when my kids are all settled in Im buying another mopar that all i have to do is drive and punish at the track occasionally!!