my blasty



here she is in all her glory. JK. tell me what you think :D



Wow that think is badass. I love the colors.
hmm u have shocks, bumper, fenders a lrdpipe like me but is it fast as mine? becuase i wanna know i don't really care if u raced me and beat me just wondering.
Man when we get the Blaster of the Month going on here, someone needs to nominate you. That thing looks great.
Dirty blaster,
I'm not rich, but i'm not saying i'm bad off either. I've paid for my quad and everything on my quad with my own money(i have a job, that usually helps when hopping up a quad) The mustang is my dads. 8)
I forgot to tell you that I love the black metal with holes... the grille-like material. It's REALLY COOL and LOOKS GREAT. That gives me ideas. I'm not so pimp on my ATV though, I spend more on my car. I got an ATV just to ride around fast and jump crap, slide everywhere, take on big puddles etc and have fun.

lol if my atv looked as good as yours or even close, I'd be scared to get it to dirty :)
How do you like your feet pegs? Just wondering they seem a little...diffrent j/w