Member Tj Big Dawg Good guy!!


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Oct 29, 2007
I sent him a money order within the first few weeks of being on this forum. Not something I usually do. He sounded earnest and honest and offered me a good deal. He came through on his end perfect. I have not seen where anyone has feedback on members or any vendors. Outside of so and so sucks and these guys are the only way to go, etc.

Anyway, I dealt first hand with TJ, he does what he says, I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.

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ya tj is really easy to deal with great feedback and fast service hes great to do business with.
Hope you guys left an iTrader for each other:)
Speaking of which,,,,, the first week I was on here, I sent 97blast86 over $300, received my parts in days every thing just as stated,,, I left a positive feedback, the guys name is Eric and He's as nice as they come.