Man check out this 260 blaster on ebay

if u go 240 go with airsal,yeah that 260 blaster would rip ass...
You do know if your gonna stroke it you have to have it ported? so the stroke will match the port. also a 3-4mm stroker has the same performance outcome as a 6mm an is more dependable.
I dont understand why someone would sell a blaster that nice. 5$ says it goes faster than the truck.
yeah, i smelled some bullshit as soon as i saw it, hes just trying tog et ppl to buy it since they think it has those parts
i knew right away it was a fake and i've only been into blasters a few weeks's gonna be pissed lol
It could be a 240. The airsal cylinder i have on mine would look stock if i painted it black. My bike has 4mm crank I wanted the 6mm but I was told by Eric Trenga from trenga racing that the 6mm blaster stroker motors won't last very long before the cylinder has to be bored because of all the side thrust from the cylinder from the piston rubbing the skirt. He didn't even want to put the 4mm stroker crank in my bike. But i talked him into it. Every mm stroke you go with gives you 3cc that would make that bike a 258cc Given it has all those parts. Mine is a 252cc